Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that helps people to build a website and start affiliate marketing.  It is not a get rich quick scheme or a network marketing headache.  If you are an Australian wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you then read our Wealthy Affiliate review Australia.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a few things.  Firstly, it is a training program that teaches everyday people how to successfully do affiliate marketing.  The training is first class.  I have done a lot of online training, and the design of the coaching and training on WA is outstanding.  Personally, I already knew a lot about the first few modules, like how to build a website.  Having already known how to do this, I could see how thorough and valuable this training really is.  I wish I had had access to it a long time ago.  Each section of the training has videos and text so you can learn in the style that best suits you.

WA is also a platform that actually helps you host and build a new website.  This is perfect for beginners as it takes you through each step.  The process is simple and streamlined.  The videos have a knack of making a concept that can actually be quite difficult seem clear and achievable.

WA is also a community.  Yes, the word community is overused on the internet these days but I was shocked to find that WA really was a very supportive community.  There is forums and messaging built into the platform.  This means that you are able to ask questions and have access to WA experts all day every day.  Through the community, I have been able to connect with other Australians using WA and ask them about their experiences.


What is affiliate marketing?

Let me back up a little bit and explain affiliate marketing for those who don’t know.  Affiliate marketing is when you promote another companies products or services to your audience.  This can be done on your website (which is the most common way) but you can also do it with social media, paid search engine ads and email lists.  When someone you refer to a site purchases the product or services you are promoting, you get paid!  The amount varies a lot, but it is often a percentage of the sale made.


Will Wealthy Affiliate work for Australians?

There are a few things to consider when you sign up for WA as an Australian.  Firstly, the training and the process is totally relevant to Australians.  There were very few moments in the training where I thought what they are saying wasn’t relevant to me.  So, the short answer is yes, WA is just as amazing for Aussies as it is for Americans, Canadians, Europeans….

As you go through the training and find your niche, you will need to decide whether your website is going to target an Australian audience or a global audience.  This is an important decision to make.  Your target audience can be different for each website you create.

If you are targeting a strictly Australian audience, make sure you only promote products and services that can be used in Australia and shipped to Australia at a reasonable cost.  This may narrow your choice of products a little but it is still completely do-able.

You also need to consider if there will be a large enough audience in Australia for what you are promoting.  Some affiliate marketers target a global market because they have the opportunity to reach more people.  However, depending on your niche, you may find that its more focused and tidier to promote really well to a smaller audience.

Cons of being an Australian on Wealthy Affiliate

There a very few ways in which the WA program doesn’t work well for Australians at this time and there are easy work-arounds for these.

Firstly, the keyword research tool WA uses, called Jaaxy (which is amazingly powerful), doesn’t give the ability to see what only people in Australian are searching for.  If you are trying to reach a global market this won’t affect you.  If you are really concerned with whether Australians are searching the web for a specific term you will need to try some other keyword research tools that allow for that specific search.  I love using Keysearch, but there are heaps of tools out there.

Another issue is that the platform doesn’t offer .com.au domain names.   Again, if you are targeting a global audience this won’t matter as you would be better off using a .com or some other type of domain anyway.  You can buy your .com.au domain name from another provider and still create and host it through Wealthy Affiliate.  So really, this is not an actual problem.  Its just a few more clicks to get your .com.au domain onto Wealthy Affiliate.

A third, much smaller issue is that the affiliate programs and networks they suggest are mainly American.  These programs are still good but you will want to join some Australian ones too.  I am happy to advice you of the best affiliate programs for your niche in Australia.  Feel free to contact me.


Conclusion, Wealthy Affiliate Review Australia

WA is definitely a platform that Australians can use with confidence.  With just a few small tweaks, Australians can enjoy a high level of success with WA.  The first level of training is free, so take a look at the platform yourself to see if i is right for you.

I want my fellow Aussies to succeed, so I am happy to help you out and answer any questions you might have.  I can also help you with local websites and services that are going to help you on your journey.  I won’t leave once you sign up.  I am happy to help you and coach you along the way.

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  1. Having used wealthy affiliate as a premium member for less than a month now, I agree that wealthy affiliate is the best online platform for building a business such as affiliate Marketing. It is an online university with so much learning resources and tools. Its amazing community of entrepreneurs and like minds makes it easy for newbies to learn fast. I Recommend it to anyone interested in affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

    1. Yes, I agree with you, it is a great resource for anyone interested in making money online or passive income.

  2. Hi. I have just recently joined Wealthy Affiliates and the step by step training they provided has been wonderful, now I have created my first website and laid a very strong foundation for my online business. Wealthy Affiliates is also my number one recommendation for anybody who wants to go into Affiliate marketing. I started out as a total newbie in Affiliate marketing, but Wealthy Affiliate provides you with unlimited resources and 24/7 help from the community. I am very glad to have found this. Thank you for your review .

    1. Thanks for reading Solomon.  Keep up your good work with Wealthy Affiliate.

      1. Hello from Brisbane..I’m new to WA and building my first site. I looked at other affiliate programs and found WA as the best value with a free trial.

        A great post and thanks for sharing.

        1. Hi Daemien,
          Keep up the good work. Best of luck with your sites.

  3. Its like you were reading my mind, I have been looking for a platform I could learn affiliate marketing online after moving from Linz and I have now well settled in Wels. I am just new to the online world but a friend of mine advised me to try affiliate marketing, unfortunately, I lost all his contacts after he moved to South Africa last summer. So I decided to do a bit of research and thanks to your article, it answered my call. 

    I am really glad to know that Wealthy Affiliate works well in Australia, I have just signed up and will be looking at how it works in the next few days.

    Thank you so much 

    1. Thanks so much for reading and best of luck on your Wealthy Affiliate journey.

  4. Thanks a lot for the great review post.

    I do have friends from Australia who earn a full-time income by following the WA training. So there is no doubt whether WA will work for Australia, it works for everyone globally.

    To share my own experience…

    As you mentioned, people from Australia can try the platform for free by joining the free starter account before they pay any money which is a great advantage.

    I am from India, so we don’t have the free starter account option so we need to pay before we see what the platform offers.

    I was skeptical and afraid to join Wealthy Affiliate. After a lot of research I am confident I found something awesome.

    To cut the long story short…

    I joined WA on November 2016 as a yearly member. Not even tried the monthly premium because I was so confident.

    Currently I am still with WA, I resigned my day job on November 2017 and since December 2017 I am a full-time Affiliate Marketer working from home. Its possible because of WA and I am a fan of WA, its one of the very best training platform I came across online.

    Wishing you much Success!


    1. Paul, thanks for your comment. I did not know that about there being no free option in India.  Although I signed to premium straight away, I love that the free option gives you a chance to look around and see what the platform does.  I also did my research but I didn’t really understand it til I saw it for myself.

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